International Academic Report (May 5, 2014)

Topic: About soil redistribution study using FRNs

SpeakerAssociate Professor Foued Gharbi, from National Centre of Nuclear Sciences and Technology, Tunis, Tunisia

Time14:30-17:00 pm May 5, 2014

VenueThe 3rd floor Meeting Room, Building 1#, IMHE  

 Introduction of speaker:

Prof. Foued Gharbi obtained his PhD degree in Particle Physics from the Institute of Nuclear Physics (IPN-Lyon, France in 2003.) Since 2004 he works in radioactivity measurement using spectroscopic techniques and their environmental application. Since 2008 he is responsible of a laboratory of radio-analysis in the CNSTN (National Centre of Nuclear Sciences and Technology, Tunis, Tunisia).

Research Activity of Prof. Foued Gharbi: Radioactivity measurement using spectrometry (methods improvement using Monte Carlo techniques and measurements), Environmental application of radioactivity measurement (NORM, (TE)NORM, radioactive pollution, soil erosion, radiometric dating of recent sediments)


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