1.Topic: Features of alpine plant life and perceptions from observation studies of alpine plant diversity

SpeakerDr. Harald Pauli

Introduction of the speaker:

Dr. Harald Pauli is scientific coordinator of the international GLORIA network, head of the GLORIA coordination team and vice-director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Areas of interest: Alpine biodiversity, vegetation ecology of high mountain ecosystems, long-term monitoring, ecological climate impact research, conservation biology.  

He has published more than 70 academic papers.

2. Topic: The Multi-Summit Approach, GLORIA's basic approach

SpeakerDr. Andrea Lamprecht

Introduction of the speaker:

Andrea Lamprecht is staff member of the GLORIA coordination team and experienced with the appli-cation of  GLORIA field methods.

Time09:30-11:30 am May 8, 2014

VenueThe 7th floor Meeting Room, Building 2#, IMHE  

 From Alpine Ecosystem Observation and Experiment Station of Mt. Gongga