University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is going to hold Online Admission Briefing for 2022 Incoming International Students on December 7-14. The meeting mainly focuses on introduction of scholarship programs for incoming graduate students. UCAS main venue and 13 sessions by UCAS schools/colleges and institutes/ overseas institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) are going to provide potential applicants professional application information and research advice.

  See the following link for meeting information:

  UCAS Online Admission Briefing for 2022 Incoming International Students


  December 7-14, 2021

  Main Venue: 

  17:00-19:00, December 7, 2021 (Beijing Time)

  VooV Meeting (腾讯会议) ID

  415 904 684

  Click here for VooV Meeting Installation/Operation Guide (pdf download)

  Sessions by UCAS schools/colleges and CAS institutes: 

  December 8-14, 2021

  Please see the attached posters for detailed information.



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A Brief Introduction to UCAS

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is a research university that not only focuses on graduate education but strives to promote the cultivation of talent through scientific research. Its predecessor, the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was the first graduate school in China established in 1978. UCAS boasts many firsts in China: the first doctorate in science, the first doctorate in engineering, the first female student awarded a doctoral degree, and the first research student awarded double doctoral degrees. In 2014, UCAS started enrolling undergraduate students, and since then an intact higher educational system has been established.

UCAS is China’s largest institution for graduate and post-graduate education. Currently, UCAS has over 55,000 ongoing students, and half of them are doctoral students. UCAS espouses the philosophy of "The Fusion of Scientific Research and Teaching" as its basic system of education. The fusion of UCAS and institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in terms of management, education, faculty, training, and scientific research is fully supported and facilitated by and under the auspices of CAS.

The disciplines represented at UCAS include all fields of science and 90% engineering.  According to the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) report released in November 2021, UCAS ranked 45th worldwide, and 1st among the PRC’s universities.  Among the 22 lists ranked by research fields, UCAS figured in the top 1?  in the fields of materials science and chemistry, the top 1‰ in 8 fields, including materials science, chemistry, environment/ecology, engineering, plant & animal science, agricultural sciences, and geosciences, and the top 1% in 19 fields.

UCAS is a member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), and has also co-founded the Sino-Danish College in China with the Danish Ministry of Science and Education and 8 Danish public universities, and has established the International Center for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific with UNESCO. To help promote education in the countries of the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI), UCAS is building overseas joint centers for education and research, and has been involved in international projects, including ANSO fellowship.

A Brief Introduction to IMHE, CAS

Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu, is a state non-profit academic institution, major in the following subjects:

Formation and mitigation of mountain hazards

Degradation and reconstruction of mountain environment

Evaluation, planning and sustainable development of eco-environment,

Remote-sensing, mapping, GIS, and Agroecology.