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  Research Progress
Important progress have been made in the evolution model and the numerical simulation of mountain... 17-12-05
Significant Progress Has Been Made in The Research of The Critical Conditions for The Formation o... 17-11-13
IMHE clarifiesunsaturated hydro-mechanical behaviour of rainfall-induced mass remobilization in p... 17-10-12
Research Progresses in debris flow entrainment mechanism by IMHE 17-10-11
IMHE Reveals the Different Responses of Cunninghamia Lanceolata Seedlings to Nitrogen and Phospho... 16-11-16
IMHE reveals plants adapted to nutrient limitation allocate less biomass into stems in an arid-ho... 16-10-26
IMHE reveals the determining critical support discharge of a riverhead and river network analysis 16-10-19
IMHE reveals the physiological and molecular mechanism on photosynthesis of Chinese fir under hig... 16-07-22
IMHE reveals the soil reinforcement by the roots of four prevailing grass species in the riparian... 16-07-22
IMHE achieves new progress of SOC erosion in agricultural soils 16-04-12
IMHE reveals the altitudinal variations in soil phosphorus biogeochemistry on the eastern slope o... 16-04-12
IMHE reveals the rainfall thresholds for debris flows in Wenchuan Earthquake area 16-04-11
IMHE reveals the formation and development mechanism of debris flows in large watersheds after th... 16-04-11
IMHE completed post-disaster loss assessment commissioned by TAR’s Department of Land and Resour... 15-12-21
IMHE Recommendation Report on “Enhancing Mountain Hazard Management after Earthquake” Submitted... 15-12-21
IMHE participated in “4.25 Nepal Earthquake Disaster Loss Assessment in Affected Areas of TAR” ... 15-12-21
IMHE tearm completed MLR-organized geological hazard investigation in earthquake affected areas o... 15-12-21
IMHE Reveals the Geomorphological Processes and Ecological Effects of the Water-Level Fluctuation... 15-11-09
China-Norway TransPlant Project Completes joint scientific expedition in Mountain Gongga 15-10-21
Research Progress in Granular flow and Structure interaction by IMHE 15-05-15
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