UCAS offers several fellowships for foreign students to get the opportunity to study in China.  

The International Postgraduate Program/Fellowship of “Disaster Risk Reduction” along “The Belt and Road” is given by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the research institutes in those countries along the “belt and road”. It focuses on the research of natural hazards (e.g., earthquake, geo-hazards, drought and floods, ocean disaster, meteorological disaster, desertification etc.) distribution, characteristics, monitoring and early warning, risk analysis, mitigation, and coordination. The fellowship aims to cultivate high level talents of Disaster Risk Reduction.  

Besides, foreign students can also apply for the CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship and UCAS scholarship to study in IMHE.  

 Contact Person: Zhang Yu, Liu Lieke   

Tel: 86-28- 85233672   E-mail: zhangyu@imde.ac.cn