IMHE warmly welcomes all talents who are major in Geography (Including Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System), Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Ecology, Hydromechanics, Hydrology, Edaphology, Meteorology and Applied Mathematics to join us.

Research Area

1. Occurrence mechanism and numerical simulation of mountain hazards (such as floods, debris flow, landslide)

2. Regional distribution and formation mechanism of mountain hazards

3. Prediction and forecasting, monitoring and early warning technology of mountain hazards

4. Theory and technology research of mountain hazards prevention and control, including ecological engineering and geotechnical engineering

5. Risk management and disaster alleviation of mountain hazards

6. Mechanism of water cycle and material migration

7. Soil erosion and water and soil conservation

8. Observation and numerical simulation of mountain ecology and hydrological process

9. Evolution of and regulation on the mountain ecological environment

10. Theory and technology in sustainable mountain development 

11. Spatial simulation and information service of earth surface process

12. Mountain remote sensing and spatial information technology

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