Sino-Italy Workshop on Mountain Hazards was held in IMHE on June 12, 2015. CAS member Cui Peng presided over this meeting.

This meeting included ten academic reports. From Italy sides, Prof. Alessandro Pasuto, director of Research Institute for Geological and Hydrological Hazard Prevention National Research Council, Italy, Prof. Lorenzo Marchi and Prof. Andrea Deganutti made reports respectively titled “Deep-seated gravitational slope deformations and large-volume landslides: hazard implications and monitoring experiences”, “Control works in debris-flow channels: influence on morphology and sediment transfer”, and “The Cancia debris flow: a case study”.

From China sides, Prof. Su Lijun, Dr. Zhou Gongdan and Dr. Ouyang Chaojun from IMHE made  reports respectively titled “Geo-hazard survey in Nepal after Gorkha earthquake and investigation on post-earthquake landslides”, “Different sediment transport properties between hyperconcentrated flows and debris flows”, and “Role of resistance on the sloping bed for granular mass flows——insights from experiments and numerical simulations”.

Then, participants discussed the reports and future cooperation.

After the meeting, Italy experts visited Science Museum of IMHE and debris flow simulation experiment devices.

This meeting is an important part of Sino-Italy academic exchange and cooperation bilateral meeting.