Sino-Nepal Joint Research Center for Geography (SNJRCG) has officially opened in Tribhuvan University (TU) since April 28, 2014. Prof. Gunanidhi Nyaupane, vice chancellor of TU , invited by Prof. Deng Wei, director of IMHE, visited IMHE on  September 18, 2014, accompanying members including Prof. Padma Chandra Poudel, director of TU Geography Department and Dr. Bal Mukunda Bhandari, director of TU International Relationship Department, to attend the China’s of Opening Ceremony ofSino-Nepal Joint Research Center for Geography.On behalf of Chinese government, Mr. Hu Gang, vice director of International Cooperation Division of Science & Technology Department , Sichuan Province, also joined in this activity.

Prof. Deng Wei expressed his willingness of setting up a long term cooperation relationship with TU from the bottom of his heart, emphasized that IMHE will continuously support the construction of SNJRCG, and wished  SNJRCG fruitful achievements in the future.



Opening Ceremony of Sino-Nepal Joint Research Center for Geography (by IMHE)

Mr. Hu Gang made a brief introduction of International Cooperation Division of Science & Technology Department, Sichuan Province, sent greetings from Mr, Luo Zhiping, the deputy director-general of Science & Technology Department, Sichuan Province, and wished a great success to this project.

Prof. Gunanidhi Nyaupane expressed his thanks for China’s kind help to TU. He said, as mountainous countries, it is so important for our both sides to conduct geographic researches that we can not resist this opportunity to set up a joint center to fasten our cooperation relationship. Nepal’s government will give full support for this project.

Both sides made general introductions of IMHE and TU, respectively, and Prof. Xiong Donghong gave a specific presentation on project progress and work plans. New research project applications, mainly for China’s side, have been taken into account for continuously funding this center.

SNJRCG was funded by Ministry of Science & Technology of China, and jointly built by IMHE and TU. Based on global climate change, this center chooses the south and north slopes of the Himalayas as research areas, emphatically carries out the geographic researches of mountain hazards, mountain ecology, environmental monitoring and mountain development, aims to cultivate more talents specializing in mountain geography, promote research abilities of Nepal’s young scientists, and finally make contributions to China’s impact on science & technology.