Topic:  Eco-hydrology of non-perennial streams in mountainous areas: implications on mountain hazards 

 SpeakerDr. P. I.  AYANTHA GOMES  

Time14:30-16:30 pm July 9, 2016 

VenueMeeting room in 7th floor, Building 2, IMHE  

Introduction of speaker: 

Dr. Gomes is a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Civil Engineering, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka. His current research areas include eco-hydrology of mountainous areas, ephemeral/intermittent streams, headwater streams, spatiotemporal statistics and urban lotic water rehabilitation. He has worked as an academic/researcher in University of Ruhuna (Sri Lanka), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong-SAR), and Saitama University (Japan). Dr. Gomes currently works as a co-investigator for two leading research projects in Hong Kong, in addition to his research work in Sri Lanka. He has publications in Journal of hydrology, River research and applications, Journal of Hazardous materials etc. Dr. Gomes is also a Charted Civil Engineer.