Time09:30-12:00 am Apr 20, 2017 

VenueMeeting room in 3rd floor, Building 2, IMHE   


1.   Prof. TowhataIkuo Vice President for Asia of ISSMGE  (International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering), Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo 

Title: Long Term Disaster Management of the Nuclear Accident at Fukushima (2011) 

2.   Dr. WANG Lin, Senior Manager of Technology CenterChuo Kaihatsu Corporation 

Title: An Early Warning System of Landslide and Slope Failure for IoT/BD/AI Era in Japan 

3. Dr.PAN Huali , IMHE,CAS

Title: Study of rainfall threshold of debris flow forewarning in data lack areas

4. Dr. LI Mingli , IMHE,CAS

Title: Rainfall threshold study of debris flow slop source starting based on experimental method