Zhixin DONG




Associate Professor


No. 9, Block 4, South Renmin Road, Chengdu 610041, People’s Republic of China




Microbial mechanisms of CN P cycling and environmental effects


2004: Bachelor degree from Shandong University, China;

2007: Master of Science from Northwest A&F University, China;

2011: Ph. D from Institute of soil science, CAS, China

Employment Record (including international working experience )

2010-present, Institute of Mountain Hazards & Environment, CAS, Chengdu, China

Running Projects

Impact of Microbial Activities on Nitrate Leaching from Sloping Cropland in Purple SoilNational Natural Science Foundation

Diversity and activity of Soil fauna in Purple soilChinese Academy of Science Soil Fauna Network

Nitrogen loss pathways in Purple soil with wheat-maize system in Southwest ChinaNational Key Research&Development Program

Study of Tower Treatment System of Rural Wastewater in Mountain area (West Light of Chinese Academy of Science)


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