Hongling TIAN




Senior Engineer


No. 9, Block 4, Renminnanlu Road, Chengdu, 610041, People’s Republic of China 




Landslide investigation / assessment, landslide risk analysis, landslide monitoring & pre-warning


Sep, 2002- Jun, 2007 Graduate school of CAS, Ph.D

Sep, 1992- Jun, 1996 Jianghan Petroleum Institute (Yangtze University), Bachelor



Employment Record (including international working experience )

Feb, 2012-Feb, 2013   University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, Visit researcher

Jul, 2007-Current         Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, Chengdu, China, Assistant professor /Senior engineer

Jul, 1996-Aug, 2002    Henan oilfield, SINOPEC, Henan oilfield, Henan, China. Assistant engineer.


Running Projects

l Sino-Pakistan cooperation project for disasters monitoring with essential technology.

l Monitoring data analysis and pre-warning model service for the Hanyuan to Emei highway.

l Comprehensive experimental platform for mountain disaster chains simulation.

l The interaction effects evaluation between Railway, geological disasters and environment for Chengdu-Lhasa railway.


Academic Society Activities

Member of Electricity-Transmission corridor stable evaluation committee, IEEE



Key talent person of CAS, 2017

Best students of Graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2006



l Tian Hongling, Zhang Jiangqiang, Fan Xiaoyi, et al (2016). Risk and Monitoring, Pre-warning technology of Mountain Hazards in Poverty area. The Science press, Beijing.

l Tian Hongling, Yang Zongji, Qiao Jianping, et al. Monitoring and early warning of debris flow in an earthquake impacted area, Baishahe catchment, southwest China[C]//DFHM7, Golden, USA, 2019.

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