Gangcai LIU






No. 9, Block 4, South Renmin Road, Chengdu 610041, People’s Republic of China




Soil hydrological process; environmental effect of soil erosion; interaction between plant and soil.


1.       1997/09-2001/12Sichuan University. Specialty: Hydrology and water resources. PhD degree in 2011/12 

2.       1992/09-1995/06Southwest Agricultural University. Specialty: soil science. MS degree in 1995/06 

3.       1984/09-1988/06Southwest Agricultural University. Specialty: soil science. BA degree in 1988/06 

Employment Record (including international working experience )

1.    2007/02- presentInstitute of mountain hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Resources, professor. 

2.    2001/01-2007/01Institute of mountain hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Resources associate professor. 

3.    1999/09-2000/05University of California, Riverside, visiting scholar. 

4.    1995/01-1999/08Institute of mountain hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Resources, research assistant. 

5.    1988/07-1992/08Soil science department, Chengdu branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, research assistant. 

Running Projects

1.    National Key R & D Plan Project of China (2018YFD0200502)-- -- Study on nutrient transport and allowable fertilizer application rate in Sichuan wheat region, 2018-2020,  supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the people's Republic of China.

2.    Research and practices of techniques on precision fertilization and fertigation in Sichuan tobacco field, 2017-2019, supported by the Sichuan Company of China National Tobacco Corp.

Academic Society Activities

1.    Member of council of soil and fertilizer society in Sichuan province.

2.    Member of council of geographical society in Sichuan province.



1.    First prize of science and technology progress in Tibet autonomous region, personal rank is NO.14, awarded by People's Government of Tibet Autonomous region, 2018;

2.    Second prize of science and technology progress in Tibet autonomous regionpersonal rank is NO.2, awarded by People's Government of Tibet Autonomous region, 2016;

3.    Third prize of Yunnan science and technology progress, personal rank is NO.4, awarded by People's Government of Yunnan Province, 2013.


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