Yong NIE






No. 9, Block 4, Renminnanlu Road, Chengdu, 610041, People’s Republic of China 




Glacier, glacial lake and GLOFs

Remote sensing and GIS

Land use and land cover changes


2015.03-2016.03 University of California, Los Angeles, Visiting scholar

2007.09-2010.06 Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS Ph.D. Physical Geography

2004.09-2007.06 Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS M.S., Physical Geography

2000.09-2004.06 Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, China  B.A., Geography

Employment Record (including international working experience )

2020.07-      Professor, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, China

2014.12-2020.07, Associate Professor, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, China

2010.07-2014.12, Assistant Professor, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, China

Running Projects

Assessments on water resource and glacier-related hazards, mitigations in high mountain Asia, CAS "Light of West China" excellent scholars Program (A-group), 2018-2021, CNY 500,000 (PI

Glacial lake changes and GLOF risk assessment in the Himalaya, National Natural Science Foundation of China (41571104), 2016-2019, CNY 890,000 (PI


Academic Society Activities

Member: The Geographical Society of China, The China Society on Tibetan Plateau, AGU, AOGS et al.

Reviwer: Nature Climate Change, Remote Sensing of Environment, Geomorphology, ESSD, Global and Planetary Change, Journal of Geographical Sciences et al.



CAS “Light of West China” A Grantee

Excellent reviewer of Remote Sensing of Environment



Nie Y., Sheng Y., Liu Q., Liu L., Liu S., Zhang Y., Song C.. A regional-scale assessment of Himalayan glacial lake changes using satellite observations from 1990 to 2015. Remote Sensing of Environment, 2017, 189: 1-13. 

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