The CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative, PIFI, is a specific funding program to attract talented foreigners to CAS for scientific exchanges and research cooperation. It is open to scientific research personnel from around the globe, of the following seven types:


What to do?

Who can apply?

What do we offer?

Distinguished Scientist

· Conduct a lecture tour in at least two CAS branches in 1-2 weeks.

· Host CAS postdoctoral researchers at CAS expenses at his or her lab for 1-3 months.

· Be well-established and internationally recognized.

· Be recommended by a CAS institute.

¥50,000 per week

Visiting Scientist

Carry out cooperative projects at CAS institutions for 2-9 months.

· Be an assistant professor or above.

·  Have worked in a well-known university or research institution.

· Have a cooperative research proposal with a CAS host researcher and the intention to come to China.

¥40,000 for full prof.

¥30,000 for associate prof.

¥20,000 for assistant prof.

per month respectively.


Offering round trip flight ticket subsidy.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Conduct research at CAS-affiliated institutions 2 years.

· Hold a PhD in natural or technological sciences.

· Age<40.

· Be recommended by a CAS host researcher.

· Be dedicated to the program, with no other assignments.

¥250,000 per year

Plus round trip flight ticket subsidy

Young Staff

Conduct full-time academic research work in CAS for 3 years

· Foreign staff members employed by CAS.

· Have been working for less than 3 years in CAS.

· Associate professors and below.

· Obtained recommendation of institutes.

In addition to your institute’s compensation, PIFI will give ¥100,000 each year as an additional stipend.

Special Expert

Work full-time at CAS’s urgently needed posts for 2-3 ears

· Individuals who meet the needs of the special posts and pass the recruitment and selection procedure.

· Foreign personnel who can undertake fulltime and long-term employment for CAS.

PIFI provides up to 60% of the contract amount agreed by the two parties, with the remaining 40% supported by related CAS institutes.

PhD Student

· Take regular training courses at UCAS and USTC for 1 year.

· Carry out research and dissertation work at CAS institutes.

· Pursue PhD degree at CAS for 3 years maximum.

· Master’s holder at age <35.

· To cultivate excellent talents in science and technology, especially from developing countries.

¥7,000 or ¥8,000 per month for living subsidies.

Tuition waiver of up to 4 years.

Master Student

· Take regular training courses at UCAS and USTC for 1 year.

· Conduct scientific practice at CAS institutes.

· Pursue Master’s degree at CAS for 3 years maximum

· University graduates from a “Belt and Road” and developing country at age <30.

· To cultivate a high level of scientific research reserve team.

¥4,000+ per month of living subsidies.

Tuition waiver of up 3 years.


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