Dongchuan Debris Flow Observation and Research Station (DDFORS), China Academy of Sciences, established in 1961, was located in the lower reaches of Jiangjia Valley (103°08E 26°14N), 30 km to Dongchuan and 190 km to Kunming. With the efforts of Institute of Mountain Hazard and Environment of CAS, Dongchuan Mining Administration, Institute of Glacier and Frozen Ground of CAS and other related institutions, the Station became an open field observation station of CAS in 1988, and won the award of the first-class stations of CAS. The Station was authorized to be the State Key Field Observation Station in 2000. 

Observation and experimental contents includes:   

·   Formation, forecast, alarm and observation of debris flow 

·   Dynamics observation of debris flow 

·   Statics and rheology of debris flow 

·   Debris flow sediment transportation and valley evolution 

·   Mountainous hydrology, benefits of engineering structures 

·   Loss of water and soil