Zhongxian station, as a field station of Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese academy of sciences (CAS) in the Three gorges reservoir area. According to the more severe ecological environmental problems of soil and water loess, non-point pollution and water level fluctuation zone after water storage and resettlement in three gorge reservoir to monitor soil and water loess and non-point source pollution and related experiments. The objects of Zhongxian station are to offer the data platform and research base to better running the function of Three Gorge Reservior and ecological environment safety.  

Zhongxian station covers a living and experimental area of 450 m2, an owner field experimental area of 10656 m2, a contract experimental slope land of 3.2 km2 and a water level fluctuation zone area of 40 km2. Comprehensive investigation and systemic sampling on soil, plants, hydrology, water quality and sediment had already did in the early 2007, also collected all kinds of environmental background value. Now, the observation environmental facilities of soil and water loess, non-point source pollution and water level fluctuation zone had already built. While automatic forming the tridimensional research network of on-line monitor, data wireless transport, analysis indoor measurement, field and computer simulation.